Friday, 7 November 2008

A Garden Ceremony

It was blowing an absolute gayle this particular day!!!
It took lots of skill to be able to secure everything in such a way as it didnt all blow away!!!
Plants are falling down everywhere...... But managed to get them all secured... Trade secrets!!Looking up the path
This is my latest addition....

Mauve Wedding - Gunnedah Services Club

This was a beautiful wedding i did at the Services Club last weekend.
The Complete set of the Arabian Night Backdrop, Bridal Table and matching Cake Table are very popular and really set off the Wedding Party.
As you can see from Christian and Nicoles Wedding below:
Ivy along the bridal table just gives that little touch of elegance.....

The centrepieces this Bride and Groom chose were so simple in their design, yet so elegant. And were set off beautifully with mauve glitter on the tables.....

The Do-It-Yourself Wedding

The very talented Christian and Nikki, chose the option of setting up their wedding themselves.

If yourve got the extra time, this is a great money saving idea.

The famous Photographer Paul Mathews (Head of the Olympic Media Team) toook these gorgeous wedding shots.

A huge Thankyou to Christian and Nicole for letting me use them.

The Arabian Night Canopy looks beautiful as a backdrop for your wedding photos. I'm thinking i might reposition my cake table for future weddings.

I love how the girls, while all looking the same, bought the uniquness to their looks by having a slightly different style dress... Lovely!!

I dunno about the guy at the back to the left..... (He's my gas man!!!!) Scrubbed up ok too!!

Arnt the hot pick sashes lovely....

So if you would like to save money on your wedding decor, why not try the Do-It-Yourself option.

Full instructions come with all the gear including extention cords, double adaptors and power boards...