Thursday, 25 January 2007

Gunnedah Golf Club - 31st December 2005

Wrong Date for this wedding, it was actually 19th November 2005
Arabian Night Backdrop
Bridal Table
Large Welcome Sign

Gunnedah Golf Club - 31st December 2005

Crossing Theatre Narrabri - 5th November 2005

This wedding was a little different. The ceremony which was to be outside had to be transfered at the last minute into the Theatre due to torrential rain!!!!

Ceremony Includes:
Wisteria Trees
Ficus Trees with Fairy lights
Small Ficus Trees
Tulle Draping
Tulle Bows
Large Welcome Sign on Easel

Reception Includes:
10 Mtr Backdrop with fairy lights
Matching Bridal and Cake Table
Double Bubble Balloons on the Bridal Table
Topairy Balloons on the guests tables
LED Money Tree and Locked Box
Small Welcome sign on easel

Crossing Theatre Narrabri - 5th November 2005

Lake Keepit Homestead - 17th November 2005

What a beautiful setting for a wedding.

Reception Includes:
10 mtr Backdrop with lights
Bridal Table and Cake Table
Ceiling Canopies with Fairy Lights
Organza Chair Sashes
Balloons at Entrace with Beaded Ribbons

Lake Keepit Homestead - 17th November 2005

Tamworth Towers - 20th November 2004

This wedding included:

Signing Table and Floral accents
Tulle Decoration
Welcome Sign on Easel

5 Mtr Backdrop with Lights
Linked Double balloon Sculpture
Matching Bridal & cake Table
3 tier candelabra with Floral accents
Arch over cake table
Arches over room
Welcome Sign with Floral Accents
5 Tier Candelabras

Tamworth Towers - 20th November 2004

Gunnedah Golf Club - 10th September 2005

This was a delightful balloon wedding.
We used:
5 mtr Backdrop with lights
Cake Table tulle skirt and lights
Ribbon draped along table skirt provided by golf club
Balloon Backdrop
Fabric Ceiling Canopy with Balloon Centre
Dance Floor Balloon Canopy with exploding balloon centrepiece
Centrepieces for tables
Gorgeous Floral Welcome Sign and Easel
Pew Bows and Roses for Church

Gunnedah Golf Club - 10th September 2005

Curlewis Hotel - 23rd July 2005

Wasnt this the transformation of the century!!!

We used:
Arabian Night Backdrop
Bridal and Cake Table
Chair Cover and Sashes

Signing Table, Covered Chairs and silf floral bouquet
Created an isle using stands and tulle with big tulle bows.

Curlewis Hotel 23rd July 2005

Sunday, 14 January 2007

Gunnedah Rugby Club - 30th April 2005

This wedding was gorgeous. the pink was so fresh and lovely.

Wedding Includes:
12 Point Canopy
Arabian Nights backdrop
Candelabra centrepiece on ceiling
Cahor Cover and Pink Sashes
Balloon Arch
Balloon Hearts on backdrop
Bridal and Cake Table
Pew Bows
Welcome sign
Toilet Entrace Decor

Gunnedah Rugby Club - 30th April 2005 - Slideshow

Gunnedah PCYC - 9th April 2006

What a huge job this wedding was!! Four days in the setting up!!
We had: 5 meter Backdrop
Lengths and lengths of fairy lights draped across the room
8 point ceiling canopy
exploding balloon at centre
topairy centerpieces
welcome sign
Matching bridal and cake table

Gunnedah PCYC - 9th April 2005 - Slideshow

Gunnedah Services Club - 19th MArch 2005

The beautful wedding includes:
Arabian Night Backdrop
Matching Bridal and Cake Table
12 Point ceiling canopy with fairy lights
Entrance Decor
Chair Covers and Sashes
Candelabra centrepiece on ceiling with battery operated candle lights

Gunnedah Services Club - 19th March 2005 - Slideshow

Gunnedah Band Hall - 26th February 2005

This wedding includes:
8 point ceiling canopy
5 metre backdrop
chair covers and matching sashes
welcome sign with silk flower accents
Matching cake and bridal table decor

Gunnedah Band Hall - 26th February 2005 - Slideshow

Gunnedah Services Club - 19th February 2005

This was a great wedding. The bride chose the "Arabian Night" backdrop, with matching Bridal and Cake Table as well as the 12 point ceiling canopy with fairy lights. Once all the lights go out for the wedding, only the fairy lights shine and its truely magical.

Gunnedah Services Club - 19th February 2005 - Slideshow

Gunnedah Services Club - 23rd October 2004

This was one of the first big draping weddings i did. I loved how the cake table came up with this wedding. It all looked so elegant

Gunnedah Services Club - 23rd OCtober 2004 - Slideshow

Gunnedah Triathlon Club - 2nd October 2004

The bride was having the ceremony at Anzac Park and wanted it to look fitting. With tulle draping and signage, it looked very romantic.

The room for the reception was........ well, its the triathlon hall, so usually full of work out equipment, but we dressed it up lovely and was very good to the budget.

Gunnedah Triathlon Club - 2nd October 2004 - Slideshow

Gunnedah Rugby Club - 24th September 2004

There was one big difference with this wedding..... no Bridal Table. But they still wanted to room to stand out as being a wedding breakfast. This was done using tulle draping from the ceiling and the gorgeous fairy light cake table.... The green candles had a lovely fresh scent for a spring wedding.

Gunnedah Rugby Club - 24th September 2004

Tamworth Towers - 11th September 2004

This was an enchanting balloon wedding with the big balloon arches across the guests and a balloon heart on the backdrop ties the theme together.

Tamworth Towers - 11th September 2004

Gunnedah Golf Club - 18th July 2004

The bride had her dream wedding thought out before calling me. She wanted the ceiling draping and decorated bridal table. We came up with the concept pictured. The centre of the canopy has a huge balloon, with balloons in the colours to match her wedding inside. Fairy Lights are also part of the canopy and makes for an enchanted evening.

The Bridal and Cake table have been decorated to match, and double bubble centrepeices complete the look. Little floral decorations add a finishing touch to the balloon weight.

The welcome sign shows guests where their wedding will be and give a hint as to what to expect inside.....

Gunnedah Golf Club - 18th July 2004

Christ Church Ceremony

The bride wanted to convert the functional meeting room into a room fit for a brial ceremony. By using tulle draping, a back drop to cover all the band equipment and the signing table with some silk flower bouquets, this room was converted beautifully.

Gunnedah Christ Church - 18th July 2004

Gunnedah Band Hall Wedding

This was the first wedding i did. The bride gave me a minimum budget and i did all i could to fit it. The chair covers were a must as the chairs are an aqua blue, and just wouldnt match in. The brides colours were hot pink and silver.
We did lots of double bubble balloons as centrepieces and behind the bridal table.

Gunnedah Band Hall - 4th March 2004

Sunday, 7 January 2007

Balloon Wedding - 20th May 2006 - Gunnedah Services Club

This wedding was a little different in their choice of decor combining balloons and fairy lights and using a bold blood red colour.

The ceremony was at Anzac Park where i provided the arch, ficus trees, signing table and chairs and welcome sign on easel.

The reception was at Gunnedah Services Club. They had the Arabian Night Backdrop and Canopy with matching bridal and cake table.

The centrepeices were a custom made candles arrangement that the bride requested, with balloons floating up from the centre. The balloons have Just Married printed on them.

Once the candles were lit, the balloon magically floated up the ceiling at the same time which was an unexpected but very magical highlight of the evening.

The dance floor had a balloon canopy with a popping balloon which was popped during the bridal waltz showering the bride and groom with balloons and confetti. very magical.

Balloon Wedding - 20th May 2006

Tangarratta Vineyard - Tamworth - 18th March 2006

This bride really ventured outside the norm with her beautiul black and white wedding.

The chair covers are black lycra and look devine. She was married under the shabby chic arch which was then moved in behind the bridal table.

We made special balck satin draping for the bridal table and a lovely beaded table runner.

She also used the money tree which when lit up in this room looked magical!!!

A truely beautiful event!!!!

Wedding - 18th March 2006

Wedding - 29th October 2005 - Gunndedah Services Club

What a gorgeous bride Jess made. I ahve asked her permission to use her photo on my advertising. Shes was beautiful.

Jess's wedding was elegant too. The photos dont do it justice.

She had the Arabrian Night Backdrop, Bridal & Cake Table, Toilet Entrance Cover, Chair Covers & Sashes, Fairy Light Ficus Trees, Silk rose bouquet & tree at entrance, large welcome sign on easel, small frame on small easel for table seating.

At the church i provided the tulle bows with lilly accents. The balloons were a wedding gift.

Wedding - 29th October 2005

Gunnedah Rugby Club - 14th January 2006

This wedding had all the bells and whistles.
The ceiling canopy was a13 point canopy connecting with the Arabian Nights Backdrop and Canopy over the bridal table.
The centrepiece of this was a candelabra with crystals hanging from the centre. Battery operated fairy lights gave the illusion of candles.

The bridal and cake table were matching with draping and fairy lights.

Added extras were the draping to cover lattice at the tiolet entrance and the ficus trees, and fairy light ficus trees.

Also the welcome sign all added to a lovely enchanted wedding.

Photos from Wedding on 14th January 2006

Saturday, 6 January 2007

A Wonderful Balloon Wedding - 1st October 2005

The Bride & Groom from this wedding wanted a balloon theme. I had some magazines with Decor featured from American Weddings.
The Ceremony was at Penioner Hill over looking the canola fields - you can see them in the photos. All that wonderful yellow in the distance is canola.
We used tulle draping and big tulle bows around the lookout area, and placed ficus trees around the parimetre to add some greenery.
We had the signing table all in white, with two chairs covered with gold bows and an ivory rose silk flower bunch as a decoration.
Also at the entrance to the lookout we placed a silk rose bush..... The finish was truely elegant.

The reception was at the Gunnedah Golf Club. There is a 5 metre backdrop with fairy lights behind the bridal table. Also, a Precious Memories Head Decor Package which includes the balloon backdrop with gold ribbon draping over the front of the bridal table complete with fairy lights.

The Cake Table has matching decor with the tulle skirt and fairy lights and an enchanting cloud to frame the wedding cake.

The cetrepieces were balloon lillies with a three balloon double bubble cluster on a tulle ribbon coming out from the centre. The Balloons have Just Married printed on them.

There is also a 4 point fabric ceiling canopy with fairy lights and matching balloon centre over the front of the room.

At the back of the room was a 4 stand Caputered Hearts Dance Floor Canopy the centre of which is a bursting balloon. During the bridal waltz, the best man pops the balloon and the bride and groom are showered in small balloons and confetti. The effect is spectacular.

Gunnedah Golf Club - 1st October 2005